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Revealed: The secret to getting your fitness plans back on track following an injury

by , 24 May 2013

Daniel Vettori has been left out of today's second and final Test between New Zealand and England. That's because Vettori there are doubts over his fitness and ability to last a five-day match. If you're in the same ‘unfit' boat as Vettori, don't despair - it's easy to get your fitness plans back on track!

Fans of New Zealand cricketer Daniel Vettori are disappointed that he was flown to England for today’s second and final Test between New Zealand but won’t make an appearance on the field.
The reason?
Vettori hasn't played a Test for nearly a year due to Achilles trouble, and following a day of training on Wednesday, his fitness wasn’t up to scratch, says Sport24.
But it’s not just athletes who need to worry about their fitness.
Anyone who suffers an injury finds it hard to get back into an exercise routine.
But if you have a vitamin D deficiency, you could be suffering from weakened muscles, says FSPHealth, and this will make it that much more difficult to get started.
Make sure your muscles are strong before you get started by stocking up on vitamin D!
To rule this out, make sure you’re taking vitamin D supplements or eating lots of vitamin D-rich foods like eggs, as their yolks are bursting with natural vitamin D, as well as oily fish like salmon or sardines, says FSPHealth.
Then, you can also get more vitamin D in your system by making sure you get 20 minutes of sun exposure a day.
That’s why it makes sense to take your fitness plans outdoors – even in winter!
Two ways to get your fitness plans back on track after an injury
Start slow by walking or swimming your way back to fitness.
You won’t even notice half an hour in the pool if you challenge yourself to try a different swimming style every few laps – once you’re in the water, it’s warmer than the cool outside air.
If you just can’t face a swimming pool in winter though, start with a daily walk in the evenings, as this will soon have your cheeks flushed and your heart pumping.
And it takes just 30 minutes of exercise a day to feel better about yourself, protect your heart from heart disease and cut your risk of cancer in half, says FSP Health.
So the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be at your old fitness levels again, wondering what took you so long!

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Revealed: The secret to getting your fitness plans back on track following an injury
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