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Revealed: The secret to counteracting the health problems you stand to inherit!

by , 26 April 2013

Like father, like son? This phrase usually comes with warm fuzzy feelings - but not when it's a case of a father's health negatively affecting his children. With Ozzy Osbourne making headlines this week for his drug relapse, many are speculating that it's no wonder his children, Kelly and Jack, suffer from health problems ranging from Multiple Sclerosis to seizures. But while there's proof that many health problems will develop, just thanks to your parents' health, you can make a difference by living a healthy lifestyle…

There’s no denying heredity plays a role in your overall health.
For example, severe behaviour like Ozzy Osbourne’s drug-taking is being blamed for his children’s health problems.
Three of the health problems you can thank heredity for…
It could be as simple as tracing your asthma back to whether your grandmother smoked or not as this can skip a generation, says CounselHeal.
But even if your parents follow a ‘clean living’ lifestyle, there’s a chance they’ve already affected your health.
For example, if your father's bald, there's a 95% chance you’ll also lose your hair later in life – even though you actually inherit the ‘baldness' gene from your mother, says FSP Health.
Added to this, many forms of cancer are ‘inherited’, as several generations of a family tend to develop breast cancer and colorectal cancer from a specific gene mutation, says WebMD.
That’s why it’s so important to know your family’s medical history, so that you can take action today to avoid falling sick down the line if you’re at risk of many illnesses.
The best way to do so is to live a healthy lifestyle.
The three aspects of a healthy lifestyle…
There’s a reason that unhealthy body weight, unbalanced diet and a lack of exercise are responsible for 90% of cancers and a whole host of other health problems.
This means that if you pay attention to what – and how much – you eat, making sure you get nutrients from a varied, balanced diet, you’ll be well on your way to warding off many health problems down the line, says FSP Health.
Added to this, exercise has been proven to decrease the risk for a number of serious illnesses. 
So even if you were looking forward to spending the evening in front of the TV, go for a brisk walk or cycle first.
Your body will thank you years down the line!

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Revealed: The secret to counteracting the health problems you stand to inherit!
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