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Revealed: The important health warning your twitching eyelids are trying to send you

by , 17 May 2016
Revealed: The important health warning your twitching eyelids are trying to send you
Ever have your eyelids twitch? Anything from a few twitches here and there to that annoying twitching routine that just won't stop? Even if it did seem to go on endlessly, chances are you didn't see the doctor about it and assumed that it was nothing serious. After all, the twitching probably went away on its own sooner. Well, you're wrong. Those twitches were trying to tell you something. Read on to discover the health message those eyelid twitches are trying to send you and the surprising solution that will stop them in their tracks.

Do you know that you could solve the mystery of whatever’s ailing you by paying more attention to your body?

That’s right, you can “uncover clues for conquering illness and disease. And by the end of your quest, you will have found the true path toward optimum health,” says Dr Jonathan Wright of Nutrition & Healing.

You see, there are warning signs written all over your body that point directly to a larger problem with your health.
But all too often, you shrug off changes including those eyelid twitches and other parts of your body as a natural part of growing older.
But it needn’t be this way…

The truth is, even though those annoying eyelid twitches may have gone away on their own, they’re trying to tell you something.

Revealed: The real culprit behind eyelid twitches

By twitching, “your eyelids are sending you a signal that they need potassium. And if your eyelids need potassium, it’s very likely that other parts of your body need it too,” says Dr Wright.

The reason behind this may be that you haven’t been getting as many fruits and vegetables – the best dietary sources of potassium as your individual body needs.

If that’s the case, “it’s time to make a permanent adjustment in that area, so (if nothing else) your eyelids won’t twitch at you with that ‘secret signal’ again,” says Dr Wright.

Vegetables and fruits high in potassium includewhite beans, dark leafy greens (spinach), mushrooms (white), Bananas and dried apricots.

But while you’re getting that diet improvement underway, there’s a simple switch you can make – starting today – that will eliminate those eyelid twitches and give your body the potassium it needs even faster than fruits and vegetables alone.

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Surprising solution to stopping eyelid twitches

Go to your local health shop or pharmacy and look for 100% potassium chloride salt (not sodium chloride).

Once you get home, “switch out your ‘regular’ salt with the potassium chloride salt and sprinkle as much of it on your food as your taste buds can tolerate,” says Dr Wright.

One note of caution: Be sure to taste as you go. Some people find that potassium chloride salt is stronger and more pungent than regular sodium chloride salt.

The good thing is that it’s nearly impossible to overdose on potassium chloride salt when you’re simply sprinkling it on food or using it to cook (it’ll make the food inedible well before you could reach a potentially harmful dose).

But if you prefer not to use it in your food, you can dissolve 1/4 teaspoon of potassium chloride salt in water or another liquid and swallow that once a day.

Just be sure to NOT to add any more than that without checking with your doctor.

After your eyelid twitches are gone, you may want to consider switching your salt permanently.

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Revealed: The important health warning your twitching eyelids are trying to send you
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