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Revealed: The daily indulgence that could prevent brain damage if you have a stroke

by , 29 October 2013

Every hour, ten South Africans have a stroke! Frightening when you consider that of those, as many as 35% will suffer from moderate to severe brain damage. But what if you could protect your brain from damage during a stroke? The good news is, researchers at Johns Hopkins believe you can. And since this week is World Stroke Week, we'd thought we'd share it with you...

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Contrary to popular belief, a stroke is NOT a heart attack. Instead, a stroke affects the blood vessels in the brain instead of the heart.

So it’s no wonder brain damage is so common in survivors.

But with South African stroke statistics being incredibly high, it means you need to take precautions now to keep your brain healthy should a stroke strike. And you can do it, by indulging in a glass of red wine at dinner tonight.

Study reveals red wine protects the brain from damage after a stroke

Red wine to the rescue! 

Not only is it good for your heart, reverses the signs of ageing and can help you see better, but it’s good for your brain too.

That’s the conclusion from researchers at Johns Hopkins who found that resveratrol –  the red grape skin and seed compound prominent in red wine – can lessen the effect of a blood clot on the brain, aids recovery and reduces the long-term brain damage by as much as 40%, reveals The Telegraph.

The reason?

As the Daily Mail explains: “Resveratrol increases levels of a protective enzyme called heme oxygenase. When the stroke hits, the enzyme swings into action, shielding oxygen-starved cells from death.”

And by jumpstarting this protective shield, your brain is less likely to sustain damage.

That’s great news! And just one more reason you should follow the French example and have a glass of red wine with your dinner every night. Just remember to do so in moderation. That’s no more than three units a day for women and four a day for men, adds sciencedaily.com.

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Revealed: The daily indulgence that could prevent brain damage if you have a stroke
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