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Revealed: Simply drink seven glasses of red wine a week to prevent kidney stones!

by , 29 May 2013

Sugary drinks have a bad reputation. They offer no health benefits and increase your risk of developing painful kidney stones. Red wine, on the other hand, has many known health benefits… and research shows kidney stone prevention is one of them! Read on to discover how much red wine to drink to keep your kidneys healthy.

Kidney stones form when there’s a decrease in urine volume or an excess of stone-forming substances like salt in the urine, says MedicineNet.
But trying to combat this excess salt by topping up on sugary drinks isn’t the answer.
Because drinking just one sugar-sweetened or fizzy drink a day actually makes you 33% more likely to develop kidney stones, says TheLowellSun.
Instead, you should drink away your kidney stone worries with red wine. 
Make sure you’re having a glass of red wine a day to reduce your risk of developing kidney stones!
Because a study has just found that red wine reduces your risk of developing kidney stones, says FSPHealth. 
That’s great news, as kidney stones are no joke – they cause the sort of pain that people rate as highly as childbirth, says TheAtlantic.
And researchers at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Rome have confirmed that drinking red wine can reduce your risk of kidney stones by 31%.
The reason?
“Alcohol is a diuretic that flushes out our kidneys,” adds TheAtlantic.
That’s why the healthiest diet to prevent kidney stones involves at least seven glasses of wine per week. 
Warning: Don’t save up your daily glass of red wine for a weekly binge session… 
But don’t get your kidney stone-preventing dose of red wine in one binge session – rather have one glass of red wine a day.
This way, you’ll avoid the negative side effects of the alcohol, says FSPHealth.
For example, excessive alcohol consumption – that’s more than one unit a day for women and more than two units a day for men – comes with other health risks like liver disease, says The Lompoc Record.
So make sure you’re drinking JUST the right amount of red wine to reduce your risk of kidney stones and avoid putting your liver at risk!

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Revealed: Simply drink seven glasses of red wine a week to prevent kidney stones!
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