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Revealed: How a vitamin cocktail can cut your hospital stay by 21%

by , 16 September 2013

It's been a while since we've heard any news on how former statesman, Nelson Mandela is doing. This after he was finally released from hospital after 87 days. While we continue to wish Madiba good health, a new study suggests you can shorten your next stay in hospital by doing this…

87 days is a long time to be in hospital. Just ask Madiba.

While you might not have to stay in hospital that long if you go in for routine surgery like a hysterectomy or to get your appendix removed, no one wants to stay in hospital longer than you have to.

And you won’t, if you know this secret…

How to cut your hospital stay naturally 

It may come as a surprise considering pharmaceutical companies make more money the longer you stay in hospital, but Abbott Labs recently “completed a massive study that found nutritional supplements can shorten hospital stays by 21% saving you a ton of cash,” writes Nutrition & Healing’s Dr Jonathan Wright.

The study also revealed that patients who took a complete suite of macro and micronutrients (what you'd get from a good multivitamin) not only shortened the length of their hospital stay, it also lowered the likelihood of them being readmitted within 30 days, adds nutraingredients-usa.com.

While the study didn’t reveal the exact vitamins you should take, in the past we have.

As we reveal here, taking vitamin B2 (or riboflavin) after surgery can help you heal faster after surgery. This is because, when you’re under stress, your body uses greater quantities of B-complex vitamins. Adding B-complex vitamins to your vitamin intake before surgery can help your body handle the stress you’re going through, explains motherearthliving.com.

So there you have it. If you’ve always thought a multivitamin was a waste of time, think again. Taking them could help you heal faster and save you a wad of cash in medical bills by helping you avoid a drawn out hospital stay.

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Revealed: How a vitamin cocktail can cut your hospital stay by 21%
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