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Relieve stress with breathing techniques

by , 28 February 2013

When it comes to breathing, quality is more important than the quantity. That's because new research shows that what you breathe out gives a sign of your overall health. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't pay attention to how rapidly you breathe. Here's why: You can relieve stress by learning to control your breathing.

Rapid breathing is usually a sign that you’re stressed.
Now, research has found that what you breathe out shows just how stressed you are, reports VancouverDesi.
Six markers were identified in the breath as a way to measure stress
Two compounds in the breath increase and four decrease with stress, which could be due to changes in breathing patterns.
But that’s not the only way breath helps assess your health.
How you breathe is a sign of your overall health! 
“Everyone breathes, but very few of us do it right. The last time you breathed properly was probably at birth. And by the time you reached adulthood, your inability to breathe correctly compromised your physical, emotional and mental health. And yes, even your sexual performance,” says FSP Health.                      
That’s why breath profiling is becoming more important as it helps identify certain biomarkers associated with tuberculosis, multiple cancers, pulmonary disease and asthma, adds the Times of India.
But don’t let this news stress you out.
If you’re feeling stressed, you can use deep breathing techniques to calm yourself down.
Feel less stressed in minutes by focusing on your breathing
The best thing about using breathing techniques to lower your stress levels is that they can be done anywhere, and at virtually any time, says About Stress.
It’s as easy as sitting or standing in a relaxed position, then slowly inhaling through your nose, while counting to five in your head.
When you let the air out from your mouth, count to eight in your head. Repeat several times. 
As simple as that.
You can even do it from your desk.
Try it today – you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to relieve stress by focusing on your breathing.

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Relieve stress with breathing techniques
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