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Read this before you have another alcoholic drink

by , 18 April 2013

April's Alcohol Awareness Month. As a result, Australian health advocates are worried about a general lack of awareness of the risks of drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. Are you aware of the effects of the alcohol you put into your body?

Alcohol’s often touted as healthy.
Red wine in particular is seen as a health essential in moderation, as the red grape compound resveratrol has been shown to stop breast cancer cell growth because of its effect on oestrogen, says the Huffington Post.
Here’s why you should rethink alcohol as part of your healthy lifestyle…
But new research has found that just a glass-and-a-half a day or less of alcohol could actually raise your cancer risk, says BU Today.
And excessive alcohol consumption comes with other health risks like health-related liver disease, says The Lompoc Record.
That said, a recent poll shows more than half of Australians believe there’s no relationship between alcohol and cancer, so they continue to drink at risky levels, says the Sydney Morning Herald.
South Africans are in a similar state of denial.
So if you’ve turned to red wine for its ‘breast cancer-fighting properties’, rather go for other rich sources of resveratrol that won’t harm your health, like red grape juice, peanuts and mulberries, says WebMD.
Surprise: Non-alcoholic beer’s good for your heart!
So if you can’t resist ‘joining the boys’, go for a non-alcoholic beer.
It’s actually good for your heart, as nuns that drank non-alcoholic beer for 45 days had an increase in antioxidant levels in their bloodstream, which is beneficial to the heart, says TreatmentSolutions.
It’s one way to turn the tables on your bill of health if you’ve been a moderate alcohol drinker until now.

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Read this before you have another alcoholic drink
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