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Quick: If you rely on aspirin, rethink your headache management strategy to prevent rebound headaches!

by , 23 May 2013

Taking aspirin twice a week reduces your risk of developing skin cancer by 21%, says FSP Health. But taking it more often than this can actually makes headaches worse. The reason? A new study shows what's long been suspected: Taking painkillers too often leads to a form of dependency where you actually suffer MORE headaches when you don't top up on the aspirin. That's why you need to make sure you're following these tips on treating - and preventing - headaches naturally…

If you regularly go through the cycle of suffering a headache, popping an aspirin, breathing a sigh of relief as the headache eases… then taking anther aspirin as the headache returns, you’ve set yourself in a vicious cycle.
This is known as a rebound headache, or a headache from medication overuse, says the DailyJournalOnline
The reason?
Most painkillers contain caffeine, as it helps the painkillers work more quickly and efficiently. 
Sadly, taking in lots of caffeine means it starts to build up in your body, causing the blood vessels to narrow. 
That’s why you feel better temporarily, but the headache soon returns when the caffeine wears off and your blood vessels expand again, explains the DailyJournalOnline
That’s why you should avoid painkillers where possible.
Instead, ensure you have good posture – especially when you’re sitting down.
Here’s why sitting upright can help prevent a killer headache…
This may seem like odd advice, but TheNewAge explains that “slumping forward in a C-shape” kinks the head upwards, which can stretch the neck and pinch nerves, causing headaches.
Revealed: What to do if the headache’s already set in!
If it’s too late and you already feel a headache setting in, drink a big glass of water and rub your temples and neck for five minutes to relieve any tension.
This is a great idea because water helps flush our systems of waste products and toxins, yet many people go through life dehydrated—causing tiredness, low energy, and headaches, says FSPHealth.
And if you simply can’t resist the painkillers, go for the regular strength ones, as those that say 'plus' or 'extra' on the box often have more caffeine or codeine than is necessary, which will further fuel your dependency, says TheNewAge.

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Quick: If you rely on aspirin, rethink your headache management strategy to prevent rebound headaches!
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