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Quick! Drink more coffee to live longer!

by , 20 March 2013

Want to live longer? Of course you do. Up to now there's been conflicting information on just how to do so. Exercise more, exercise less, eat a healthier diet, eat whatever you want... It's easy to get lost amidst all the advice. Now, research shows there's an easy way to live longer. All you have to do is drink more coffee! Here's why coffee's being seen as the latest ‘life booster'.

Harvard Health says many people still avoid caffeinated coffee because they worry about its health effects. 
But a few cups a day even offers some health benefits. 
So if you’re a coffee-lover, you’ll rejoice at the latest health news.
It’s been found that regularly drinking strong Greek coffee could be all it takes to help you live past 90, says The Daily Mail.
Greek coffee: The secret to living longer with a healthy heart!
That’s because elderly inhabitants of the Greek Island Ikaria boast the highest rates of longevity in the world.
They regularly drink a cup of boiled Greek coffee, which is now seen as the key to cardiovascular health. 
Boiled Greek coffee is rich in polyphenols and antioxidants, with only a moderate amount of caffeine. 
So if you’re looking for a health boost, try Greek coffee.
It’s usually boiled in a special pot and served foamy at the top with grounds at the bottom of the cup, says The Daily Mail.
But it’s not just boiled Greek coffee that gives a health boost.
Don’t forget the health benefits of normal coffee!
Even regular coffee lowers your risk of stroke, says the Salt.
You can even lower your depression risk by drinking unsweetened coffee.
Because cutting out or down on sweetened diet drinks or replacing them with unsweetened coffee may naturally help lower your depression risk, says FSP Health.
There you have it. You’ll live longer, be happier, and have less chance of stroke and heart disease.
What are you waiting for?
Pour another cup of coffee and wash away your health worries!

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Quick! Drink more coffee to live longer!
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