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Quick: Cut your bad habits today so you only have healthy habits to fall back on when stressed!

by , 30 May 2013

Smoking's one of the worst habits there is. Unfortunately, people tend to smoke more when they're stressed. But we don't just turn to bad habits when we're stressed - a new study shows people lean on all of their habits, whether good or bad, when they're stressed. And it takes just 21 days to form a habit, so get starting on forming a healthy habit today, so your health doesn't suffer when you're stressed.

Feeling stressed?
It’s the time most people light up a cigarette. 
But the sad thing is, smoking actually makes you MORE stressed in the long run, says  MentalHealthUpdate.
But it takes a lot of effort to quit smoking, because it’s usually a habit you’ve cultivated for years.
And it’s not just smoking that increases when stress levels are high.
Many people also turn to unhealthy eating when they feel under pressure, says TheMalaysianInsider.
Luckily, it takes just 21 days to form a new habit, says FSPHealth.
So if you start today, you’ll have a healthier habit to turn to when you’re feeling stressed.
Revealed: Here’s how to turn stress into a time to improve your health by falling back on a healthy habit!
That’s because a new study finds that while people fall back on established routines when stressed – even healthy habits like turning to exercise or meditation.
One way to make sure you turn to the healthy habit when you feel stressed is to make sure it’s an easy behaviour that becomes part of your daily routine by default, adds iAfrica.Lifestyle.
In doing so, you’ll function better under stress as it can energise and motivate you when it’s not a constant headache, says FSPHealth.
 And with tomorrow being World No Tobacco Day, there’s no better time to try cut one of the habits that has the most harmful effect on your health – smoking.
But don’t worry – you can even use your cigarette cravings to foster healthier habits when you feel stressed.
Use your cigarette cravings as a trigger to exercise your stress away this World No Tobacco Day!
For example, FSPHealth says “the best thing you can do when you get a nicotine craving, is to lace up your walking shoes and head out for an invigorating stroll as getting active”, as this has been proven to help people suppress the urge to light up. 
It’s a great way to turn a bad habit related to stress into a healthy habit!

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Quick: Cut your bad habits today so you only have healthy habits to fall back on when stressed!
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