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Quick! Cut dairy from your diet after cancer to prevent early death!

by , 15 March 2013

If your cancer's just gone into remission, you're likely to treat yourself with yummy food - after all, you've just stared down what used to be a definite death sentence so you deserve to live each day as if it's your last. Unfortunately, research shows you'll reach your last day sooner if you reach for anything creamy after beating cancer, as fatty foods have been found to increase your risk of early death. Here's what to eat instead to ensure you keep that clean bill of health.

Does the thought of a tub of ice cream get you through the day?
You’ll need to rethink your top treats if they’re fatty, especially if you’ve just survived cancer.
Because research has just found that fatty foods – especially dairy products like cheese and milkshakes – actually increase your risk of early death following cancer, says Health24.
Steer clear of the dairy aisle if you’ve just survived cancer…
Higher oestrogen levels in these products are said to affect cancer tumours, which means your cancer is more likely to return.
Brease cancer survivors are most at risk, with breast cancer survivors who consumed the most high-fat dairy like custards and condensed milk in the study showing a 12% risk of dying of the disease, adds SFGate.
Different women were affected differently in the study though, with some showing a higher risk and others showing none at all.
Don’t let this scare you into giving up all dairy, as you’ll be missing out on a huge nutrient package.
But to be safe, swap high-fat or full cream dairy products like milk, yoghurt and ice cream for low-fat alternatives.
Your top cancer survival strategy – go for skim milk!
A 2012 study found that drinking more whole milk was associated with worse survival among men with prostate cancer, while skim milk was associated with higher survival, says Health24.
If you find you’re missing milkshakes, why not trick your system into thinking you’ve had one by making a smoothie packed with fruit, vegetables and low-fat yoghurt or skim milk?
Just make sure the fruit and vegetables are organic, as FSP Health says there are rising amounts of pesticides appearing on fresh produce, which could increase your cancer risk.
There you have it. Skip the high-fat dairy products and go for organic fruit and vegetables – you’ll lower your risk of early death if you’ve just survived cancer!

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Quick! Cut dairy from your diet after cancer to prevent early death!
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