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Pycnogenol: An effective natural way to treat skin discolouration

by , 22 July 2013

Melasma, also called ‘chloasma' or ‘pregnancy mask,' is especially common during pregnancy and is also associated with the use of oral contraceptives or hormone replacement therapy. Although it isn't associated with any other problems, it's usually of cosmetic concern. Here's how you can treat melasma with Pycnogenol.

“Melasma is a dark skin discolouration occurring on the face, usually the forehead, nose, cheeks and upper lip. Women, particularly younger women, develop this condition much more often than men,” says Dr Jonathan Wright of Nutrition & Healing.

While both retinoic acid (a natural, acid form of vitamin A) and azaleic acid (a natural component of human skin) can lessen the abnormally heavy pigmentation of melasma, in 2002 Chinese investigators reported another simple but effective remedy: Pycnogenol.

Say goodbye to melasma with Pycnogenol

Researchers investigated the effects of Pycnogenol (a standardised antioxidant rich extract of the bark of the French pine tree Pinuspinaster) against melasma in 30 women with the condition.

After standardised measurements of area and degree of melasma pigmentation, each woman took 25mg of Pycnogenol three times daily for 30 days.

After analysing the results, researchers found that both the area covered by melasma and the intensity of the pigment were significantly reduced.

The general effective rate was 80% and no side effects were reported. Other symptoms also decreased during the 30 days, including fatigue, constipation, pains in the body and anxiety.

In conclusion, researchers wrote, “Pycnogenol was shown to be therapeutically effective and safe in patients suffering from melasma.”

Be sure to speak to your doctor before buying Pycnogenol supplements at your local health shop.

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Pycnogenol: An effective natural way to treat skin discolouration
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