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Probiotics may be a solution to your most frustrating skin woes and the secret to a flawless complexion

by , 28 April 2017
Probiotics may be a solution to your most frustrating skin woes and the secret to a flawless complexion
For years, you've been taking probiotics in oral capsules to keep your gut healthy. But you may have realised while shopping lately that bacteria has made its way onto the skincare shelves in the form of face washes, toners and masks infused with probiotics.

At first, it may seem counterproductive since you use skincare products to remove dirt, bacteria and germs from your skin. But probiotics - the healthy type of bacteria - actually offer your skin a host of benefits!

Before you turn your nose up at washing your skin with bacteria, hear us out…

Probiotics are a possible solution to many your skin problems, from psoriasis to sun damage

Healthy bacteria offer your skin a number of benefits – these are the most noteworthy, according to Jasmina Aganovic, the president of skin microbiome company Mother Dirt:
·         Probiotics protect against inflammatory skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis;
·         Probiotics prevent zits, acne and acne flare-ups;
·         Probiotics reduce skin redness and inflammation;
·         Probiotics speed up the healing of scars and burns;
·         Probiotics create a barrier against harmful pathogens and microorganisms;
·         Probiotics interact with your cutaneous immune system to promote a healthy immune response; and
·         Probiotics act as antioxidants to prevent ageing and sun damage.

Scientists and researchers are still uncovering all the benefits of probiotics for your skin

According to Aganovic, this list of probiotic benefits for your skin is just a preliminary one. She says that scientists and researchers alike are currently working to find all the ways in which probiotics better your skin – and that it’s a tremendously exciting area of research!


The real reason you have asthma, psoriasis, weight issues and headaches...

Symptoms like muscle aches and pains, fatigue, allergies and depression don't just happen on their own. 

There’s always a trigger. And most of the time it’s because of toxins.

But it’s not your typical chemical waste toxins I’m talking about.

It’s toxins you eat and drink, pop as a pill, smear across your face and clean yourself with that are the problem.

And the only way to really get your health back on track and banish these everyday symptoms is to eliminate toxins from your body – and your life.

Furthermore, Aganovic believes that uncovering the precise benefits skin bacteria will help everyone better understand what might be happening when these same bacteria become unbalanced – think skin diseases like the ones mentioned above.

Yes, a disruption in your gut microbiome could really be to blame for your skin troubles!

Doctors confirm that bacteria plays a role in acne, rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis, perioral dermatitis and eczema

Dr Cybele Fishman, a dermatologist based in New York City, says she considers skin bacteria in many of her clients, but especially those suffering with acne, rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis, perioral dermatitis and eczema.
“I think the key word there is balance. There are bacteria, fungi, and mites on the skin. Having the right amount of each is what helps prevent disease. When they are not in balance with one another it can manifest as skin disorders,” Dr Fishman explains.
Therefore, from a theoretical point of view, topical probiotics may be all you need to restore your skin’s bacteria balance. To find out more about bacteria-infused lotions and creams and how they could help heal various skin problems, have a chat with your dermatologist.

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Probiotics may be a solution to your most frustrating skin woes and the secret to a flawless complexion
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