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Prevent sunburn - from the inside out!

by , 05 September 2013

With temperatures in South Africa already soaring into the mid- to high-20s, it's clear the next few months are going to be scorchers. While we're not complaining, you might if you get sunburnt. And while you should always slap on sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun, there are things you can do to prevent sunburn from the inside out…

If you think sun protection is just about slapping on sunscreen, wearing a hat and staying indoors during the hottest times of the day, think again.

You can do a lot more to protect yourself from the sun – and it starts with changing your diet.

Revealed: Five foods that actually prevent sunburn

Tomatoes: Because they’re rich in lycopene, tomatoes can protect you against sun damage reveals a recent study. They’re so efficient, they could enhance your body’s own sun protection defences by 25%!

Green tea: According to organicauthority.com, studies show “drinking two cups of green tea per day could provide your body with sunburn-fighting abilities.”

Wine: Not only does wine contain resveratrol, known to protect skin cells from sun damage, it contains proanthocyanidins too. In a recent study, proanthocyanidins were found effective in preventing UV damage in hairless rodents, reports marksdailyapple.com.

Buttered toast: Just when you thought butter was bad for you! According to mnn.com, a diet high in saturated fats (think butter and cream) actually helps prevent skin cancer.

Chocolate: A study in Düsseldorf, revealed that the skin of the women who drank flavonoid-rich cocoa drinks didn’t redden nearly as much as did the skin of recruits who drank something else. Proof antioxidant-rich foods like chocolate holds the potential to shield skin from sun damage.

So what are you waiting for?

Slap on some sunscreen, grab a class of wine or a cup of tea and a chocolate and get out there! Now you can enjoy the sun knowing you’ve done what you can to prevent sunburn. 

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Prevent sunburn - from the inside out!
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