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Prevent a host of health problems by eating these four anti-inflammatory foods!

by , 26 March 2013

Do you suffer from cardiovascular disease, metabolic disorders, cancer, diabetes or autoimmune-related conditions? Chances are the disease is made worse by high levels of inflammation in your body. Luckily, you can reduce harmful inflammation by eating more of the four foods that Dr Oz is fond of promoting…

You’ve probably heard that inflammation is a good thing for your body.
It is, as inflammation increases blood flow in response to infection and helps the body rid itself of harmful substances.
But a recent news release by researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham shows that persistent inflammation in the body becomes a health hazard as the body begins to destroy healthy tissue, says eMaxHealth.  
 Luckily, you can reduce the harmful type of inflammation by making sure you eat more of these four anti-inflammatory foods, recommended by Dr Oz.
1. Citrus fruits like blackcurrants contain five times the vitamin C of oranges
This makes them great immunity boosters and anti-inflammatory foods. 
And they’re a must if you have diabetes, as vitamin C requirements in diabetics is usually higher than with most people, says FSP Health.
2. Dark, leafy greens are naturally high in vitamin K
Vitamin K has strong anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
That’s why eating spinach and lettuces makes you 22% less likely to have asthma, says FSP Health.
3. Red tomatoes contain lycopene – this red pigment is a potent antioxidant
And one of the easiest ways to protect your body from ovarian cancer is to take in more lycopene, as it results in decreased tumour size and makes cancer less aggressive, says FSP Health.
But there’s only about 5mg of lycopene per 100g of ripe tomato. So you’d have to eat about 10 organic tomatoes a day to get the necessary protection.
4. Salmon and other types of oily, cold-water fish are known for their rich concentration of omega-3 fatty acids
And omega-3 fatty acids are known to soothe inflammation. 
That’s what makes omega-3 fatty acids are a great way to protect yourself from arthritis, adds FSP Health.
And you don’t even need to incorporate all of the anti-inflammatory foods into every meal.
“Take baby steps by incorporating leafy greens into a salad at lunch, or add a piece of ... fruit to your breakfast,” adds the New Age.

Changing what you eat is the easiest way to protect your health!

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Prevent a host of health problems by eating these four anti-inflammatory foods!
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