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Prescription drugs cause thousands of birth defects every year...

by , 26 March 2013

If you know someone that lived through the thalidomide crisis of the early 1960s, you'll know how that tragedy will be etched into that person's mind forever. Thousands of babies died in the womb or were born disfigured as a result of a morning sickness pill that should never have been approved for pregnant women.

Now, it may all be happening again. The sad part is no one is up in arms about it. 
The reality is the Big Pharma industry is unleashing a birth defects crisis on the world right now - that could make the thalidomide scandal look like a harmless hiccup. 
You need to know about this so you can keep your loved ones safe... 
Over the past 30 years, as Big Pharma has sunk its talons deeper and deeper into conventional medicine, the number of pregnant women who use prescription drugs during their first trimester has shot up by 60%. 
In fact, according to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention in the US, 70% of women are estimated to be taking at least one prescription drug while pregnant. And guess what?
This is especially risky for babies in the first trimester of pregnancy, because as you know, it's the period critical to the development of a baby’s organs and nervous system.
It's thought that prescription drugs may be causing around 15,000 birth defects every year in the US alone. That’s almost the same number of total birth defects caused by thalidomide in the 60s. The difference is, now it's happening every single year!
How does this happen? 
Well, many drugs have never been tested on pregnant women, yet they’re prescribed anyway. For example, take antidepressants... Experts have admitted they don't know whether antidepressants harm foetuses. And yet, as many as 13% of pregnant women take antidepressants.
If you’re an expecting mother taking prescription pills, or if you know one, make an appointment with your doctor. Ask him if your specific prescription has been proven safe for pregnant women. Even better, work with your doctor to see if there are safe, natural alternatives that could keep you prescription-free while pregnant... And your baby safe.
Side effects can take a toll on anyone - and be a hefty price to pay - whether you're pregnant or not. You too should consider if there are any safer natural alternatives to your prescriptions, even if you're not pregnant. 
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Prescription drugs cause thousands of birth defects every year...
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