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Pre-pack lunch for your kids so they don't pack on the pounds!

by , 15 January 2014

The number one top sellers at your child's school tuck-shop are sugary drinks and packets of chips according to a survey conducted on local school tuck-shops. If you're giving your child money every day to buy their lunch at school, here are reasons to use that money to buy fresh instead and make your children's lunch at home!

Instilling values in your child about eating healthy comes from you. But can you really expect a child to make the right decision as to what they want to eat when you’re not around?
Sugary drinks and chips are the best sellers at tuck-shops around the country! And just consider the calories in each of these! Sugary drink has on average 150 calories while the packet of chips is around 260 calories per bag. That’s a whopping 310 calories when there’s no real nutrition in either of them.
So now you wonder why so many children are overweight!
Prevent your child from packing on the pounds by pre-packing healthy school lunches
If you’ve given your child the freedom to buy their own lunch, sit them down and explain why you want to change it. 
It might take a little while to get used to, but eventually your child will thank you for sending them to school with a healthier packed lunch. 
How to make your child’s pre-packed lunch appealing so they don’t rush to the tuck-shop
Pre-packed lunches don’t have to be boring!
A healthy sandwich should consist of delicious low GI bread with fresh meat or cheese and a variety of fresh produce like tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers etc. But steer clear of putting processed meats on their sandwiches and always opt for fresh options!
Instead of them eating a chocolate bar, pack chocolate milk in their lunchbox instead. 
Don’t promote them to eat chips, rather pack some healthy low calorie crispy snacks like mini rice crackers. 
Your child won’t even think about those unhealthy snacks in the tuck-shop if you keep them interested in their foods and their tummies full! So, opt for healthier packed lunch to keep your child’s mind on school and keep them from packing on the weight due to unhealthy tuck-shop foods. 

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Pre-pack lunch for your kids so they don't pack on the pounds!
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