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Poor diet leaves kids as young as five suffering from painful kidney stones. As a parent, you can prevent this!

by , 21 February 2014

Kidney stones are a “middle-aged” person's disorder, right? “No longer!” says the New York Times. Kidney stones are showing up in children as young as five years old! Today, we reveal the problem in your child's diet, which leaves them with a high risk of developing kidney stones at a very young age. And more importantly, how you as a parent can fix it…

One in every 680 children are hospitalised after developing kidney stones! And the stats show it’s usually children under the age of 13… 
“The older doctors would say in the ’70s and ’80s, they’d see a kid with a stone once every few months,” said Dr Caleb P. Nelson, a urology instructor at Harvard Medical School who is co-director of the new kidney stone centre at Children’s Hospital Boston. “Now we see kids once a week or less.”
Why is this once only middle-aged disorder now affecting your children?
Well, sadly, it seems to be because of their poor diets. 
Salt: The food additive causing your children to develop kidney stones
Salt is destroying your child’s healthy kidneys.  
Eating too many salty foods puts them at a higher risk of developing painful kidney stones. And if you’ve ever had them, or know of someone who has, you’re sure to want to prevent your young child from experiencing that. 
It’s the way your body gets rid of salt that’s the problem. It’s calcium that helps get rid of waste salt, so the more salt you have, the more calcium goes to your kidneys.
And as you know, its calcium oxalate that forms the kidney stones, so the more calcium that’s in the kidneys, the more there is available for oxalate to bind to. 
Lower the risk of your children developing kidney stones – lower their intake of salt
It’s up to you as a parent to limit the amount of salt your young child eats. When you cook, use a minimal amount of salt for flavour, and don’t allow them to add salt after the food is cooked. 
Prevent your child from eating too much processed food. This contains high amounts of salt – so avoid or eliminate these foods from your child’s diet. 
Lastly, always check the sodium content of the foods they’re eating or drinking. 
Just by being a little more aware about the amount of salt your child eats, you can have a massive impact on lowering their risk of developing painful kidney stones. 

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Poor diet leaves kids as young as five suffering from painful kidney stones. As a parent, you can prevent this!
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