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Parents warned: Don't treat fevers with paracetamol and ibuprofen

by , 16 October 2013

“Starve a fever, feed a cold!” That's why your mom always said. So why is it that so many parents turn to harmful over-the-counter drugs containing paracetamol and ibuprofen at the first spike of their child's temperature? If that sounds like you, it's time you heed this urgent health warning!

The American Academy of Paediatrics has issued a dire warning.

This after it says “a misplaced ‘fever phobia’ in society means parents too frequently use both medicines to bring down even slight temperatures,” reports The Telegraph.

The reason?

Fever warning: Do this and risk accidental overdose and prolonged illness

Their study showed that children often receive accidental overdoses. Overdoses that could have been avoided if parents weren’t so heavy handed with medicine spoons.

In addition, they warned that bringing a fever down with drugs could actually lengthen your child’s illness. That’s because fevers are nature’s way of dealing with illness.

But no parent wants to see their child unwell. So we compiled the best natural remedies you can use to treat it instead.

Garlic, egg whites and tea: Great weapons for treating fever naturally

Natural fever remedy #1: Garlic
According to parent website mommypotamus.com, rubbing garlic paste on your child’s feet works wonders for fever.

Simply: “Blend enough fresh garlic cloves to make a 1/4 inch paste that will spread across the feet. Blend with a little olive or coconut oil and apply. Leave a few spots uncovered so heat can still escape, then wrap in gauze and leave on overnight,” explains the site.

Natural fever remedy #2:
This old Amish remedy uses the power of egg whites to break a fever, explains yahoo.com. Soak your socks in egg white and place on your feet; it should instantly reduce your fever.

Natural fever remedy #3: Tea – ginger tea
Drink a cup of hot ginger tea, advises besthealthmag.ca. This induces sweating and can help you relieve your child’s fever. “To make the tea, steep a half-teaspoon minced gingerroot in 1 cup just-boiled water. Strain, then drink.”

There you have it. Dealing with fever is a natural course of childhood. Anything from a runny tummy to teething can cause it. And now, thanks to American Academy of Paediatrics’ warning, you have some natural remedies you can use to break it instead of reaching for potentially harmful over-the-counter medicines.

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Parents warned: Don't treat fevers with paracetamol and ibuprofen
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