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Must-read: The real deal on virgin organic coconut oil

by , 30 July 2015

Something funny has happened in the changeable world of healthy fats. Have you noticed?

Only a few years ago, coconut oil was deemed the devil itself in fat form, in that it was clogging the arteries and upping the heart attack risk of every patron unwitting enough (and unfortunate enough) to go to the movies and buy movie theatre popcorn.

Yes, a few years back, coconut oil was the oil of choice for movie theatres to use for popcorn popping…

Since then, everyone's view on coconut oil has changed - big time. Let me tell you more…

Coconut oil – once the villain, now the darling, of health foods

I want to elaborate a little more on past views of coconut oil. So, back to my popcorn story – I had to do quite a bit of research to find all this out. That’s because it was all the way back in 1994 that coconut oil was deemed a bad fat and was being used to make popcorn at movie theatres. I was only one years old back then, so forgive me for not knowing about this up until now…
Anyway, in the year of 1994, the Center for Science in the Public Interest published a study that claimed that a typical large movie theatre popcorn (hold the butter!) contained as much saturated fat as six Big Macs. Six! I’ll allow you some time to let that sink in…
I struck a conversation with my aunt, who spent many years of her life living in the states, about this, hoping to gain further insight. And I did. She told me she clearly remembers how everyone in the US used to gasp of horror at the mere thought of coconut oil. She too, apparently, was made to believe it was a major dietary danger. And, well, times are changing…

Why coconut oil is no longer the pariah it once was

I’m aware that not everyone’s like me, in a sense that I’m always searching for and looking to take part in the latest health trends. They do come and go, after all, at a rather dizzying pace. But I know that all of you have read about, or at least heard of, the latest coconut oil trend. It doesn’t matter how doggedly you try to ignore popular trends – you know about this one – that’s a fact.
So how did coconut oil suddenly become this popular?
All of a sudden, coconut oil is for sale everywhere. It’s in recipes everywhere. And the question is: Why? Also, when and how did it coconut oil steal the spotlight from olive oil? I’ll start by telling you a bit about my personal experience with this oil. This is what got me to take a healthy interest (and healthy curiosity) in coconut oil…
I’m going to be straightforward: It was a good – a really good – cup of coffee. That’s what got me interested in coconut oil at first. Yup, you just read that right. When I first heard of “bulletproof coffee” (go here to learn more about it and how to make it), my curiosity piqued. When I learned that it included butter (butter?!) and coconut oil (oil – in coffee?), I was intrigued. And because I’d just purchased a jar of coconut oil to use on my seasonal dry scalp, I decided to try make my own. And I loved it. Instantly.
I noticed increased energy levels and fewer sugar and carb cravings after about one week of drinking it with breakfast every morning. I was really impressed by these changes in my health. I mean, such great benefits from a cup of coffee? And that’s what got me reading everything – and I mean everything – I could find about coconut oil.
Let me share my newly-acquired knowledge on how coconut oil can benefit your health with you:

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  • It boosts your metabolism: You can thank the medium chain fatty acids in the oil for this. They raise your body temperature and in turn give your metabolism as well as energy levels an enormous boost. temperature. These fatty acids can also assist you with weight loss and enhance your athletic performance.
  • It supports your immune system: Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid; a nutrient that supports immunity. Lauric acid does this by promoting anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial activities in your body. In turn, this helps ward off bacteria and viruses that cause flu and other illnesses.
  • It improves your thyroid function: Coconut oil helps to stimulate the activity and proper functioning of your thyroid gland, which provides energy, supports skin health and metabolism, and keeps your moods in balance.
  • It speeds up cell regeneration: When your metabolic rate increases, so does your cell regeneration rate. This means your body makes more cells and replaces the old, dead ones with new, healthy ones more quickly. You might even look younger!
  • It improves insulin secretion: Coconut oil can improve insulin secretion in your body and, in turn, help it better utilise glucose to balance insulin output. This can help relieve the symptoms of and reduce the health risks associated with diabetes
It supports your brain and heart health: That’s all thanks to the healthy fats it’s loaded with!
This is all pretty cool, right? But it isn’t all! Coconut oil is more than just a good. You can also use it topically; as a deodorant, body scrub (when you mix it with brown sugar) or even toothpaste.
In a nutshell, what I’ve just explained to you are all the reasons why coconut oil is now so popular. I’m not sure why it took researchers so long to conclude all these incredible benefits of this oil, I’m just happy that they did!

The takeaway: If you haven’t tried coconut oil yet, do it now

All in all, coconut oil is definitely worth a look (or two, or three) and at the very least, a trial period in your kitchen or bathroom – or both. 
For additional reading, please go here to discover some seriously mind-blowing uses for coconut oil. Enjoy!

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Must-read: The real deal on virgin organic coconut oil
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