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Lose weight now or pay the consequences with your heart health later…

by , 08 March 2013

Obesity in children is becoming increasingly worrying. Its link to the development of Type II diabetes is widely reported, but new research shows another reason to make sure you're active and healthy from an early age - carrying extra weight when you're young puts you at risk of heart disease later in life! Here's how you can avoid this fate by getting enough exercise and eating a healthy diet together.

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With most things in life, overdoing it leads to severe consequences later down the line.
This is especially true when it comes to overeating.
But it’s not just the extra weight you’ll have to contend with.
Stop your children putting on extra weight in the first place to protect their hearts!
Prevention is always better than cure.
Now, a new study from Britain shows there are also heart risks for young people who put on extra weight, says ABCNews.
The extra weight’s been found to lead to an enlarged left ventricle of the heart and thicker heart walls later in life.
And thicker heart walls are the reason for much heart disease, as it increases pressure for the heart to pump blood, says WebMD.
This, in turn, is a leading cause for death, says Health magazine.
And the earlier in life that a person became overweight or suffers with obesity, the greater the increase in heart size later in life. 
So take action and lose that extra weight today! 
Eat a healthy diet and exercise together as a family to help your children lose weight!
There’s no quick fix when it comes to losing weight. It takes a healthy diet and an exercise programme over time, says FSP Health.
That’s why you need to start today.
It’s easy.
All you have to do is cut all high-fat foods (they’re generally the packaged and processed ones) from your grocery shopping list, and replace them with healthier lean meats, fruit and vegetables.
Then, find an exercise your family can do together, like walking or cycling. 
Anything that gets your blood pumping and gives you a rush when you’re done is a good bet.
If you cut calories by following a healthy diet plan and start to exercise, WebMD says you can get away with a minimum dose of just 150 minutes of exercise a week.
So just a half-hour bike ride together five days a week should be all you need.
See? Easy!

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Lose weight now or pay the consequences with your heart health later…
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