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Living in South Africa increases your risk of kidney stones by 30%

by , 24 February 2014
Living in South Africa increases your risk of kidney stones by 30%
Does your choice of home country have an effect on how high your risk of kidney stones is? It seems like it can! And it all has to do with the climate. But there's ways around it! Let's see what you can do to lower your risk.

The study that the University of Texas did was on climate and its effect on kidney stones. Being Texas, it’s boiling hot, and the study showed some interesting results. Because you lose more water in hot climates, you’re more at risk of getting kidney stones! Now think about living in South Africa… Where the temperatures are similar to those in Texas.

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Dehydration leads to increased risk of kidney stones

It doesn’t even have to be severe dehydration that increases your risk of getting kidney stones. Remember those days where your urine is dark and you haven’t been to the loo as often as you should have? 
When you have less water in your body to go to flushing out the wastes in your body, your kidneys take their time. They wait for more water and urine takes longer to form. This means the waste products sit in your kidneys for longer periods. And now those nasty calcium oxalate compounds have more time to forms and develop into kidney stones. 

Drink more water and lower your risk of kidney stones

You’ve heard it a million times – drink more water! 
Because your body is 75% water, and every process needs water, you need to constantly replace what’s lost. And when it’s hot and you’re losing even more water by sweating? You need to replace even more. 
You need to at the very least make sure you’re drinking 2l of water every day, and more when it’s hot outside. 
Don’t let the hot sunny days of South Africa you love so much sabotage the health of your kidneys. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water to keep kidney stones at bay. 

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Living in South Africa increases your risk of kidney stones by 30%
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