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‘Life's simple seven' could protect you from two of the most prevalent fatal diseases…

by , 19 March 2013

While much of the health industry's in uproar over whether you can intentionally infect someone with cancer, there's also some relief as new research shows the seven easiest ways to protect your heart from heart disease could be all it takes to cut your risk of cancer in half! Here's how.

Venezuelan officials have announced they’re investigating whether enemies could have deliberately infected late President Hugo Chávez with cancer
Chávez died on 5 March from a heart attack, after battling cancer for two years, says YahooNews.
And as interesting as the ‘cancer infection’ debate may be, there’s more interest in the fact that heart disease and cancer are linked.
In fact, there’s now proof that a lifestyle that protects your heart also reduces your cancer risk, says Medical News Today.
Follow ‘Life’s simple seven’ to protect your heart against heart disease AND cancer!
All you have to do is follow these seven steps, known as ‘Life’s simple seven’:
  1. Get active with a minimum of 150 minutes exercise a week.
  2. Stick to a healthy weight with your body mass index (BMI) no higher than 25.
  3. Eat a healthy diet that’s high in whole grains, lean protein, and colourful fruits and vegetables.
  4. Control your cholesterol levels – they should be lower than 200 milligrams per decilitre. 
  5. Manage blood pressure so that’s it’s less than 120/80.
  6. Reduce blood sugar by avoiding excessively sugary foods and drinks. 
  7. Don’t smoke, and if you do, quit! 
Putting just two of the ‘Life’s simple seven’ steps into action will help you with four of the others!
And if you get active and eat better — steps 1 and 3 — you’ll automatically control your cholesterol, blood pressure, weight and blood sugar, adds ABCNews.
That’s just leaves smoking.
And the easiest way to prevent heart disease and cancer is to quit smoking.
Because smokers continue to increase their risk of heart disease and cancer the longer they smoke.
That’s why you’ll be doing your own health – and the health of everyone who breathes in your second hand smoke – the world of good if you take steps to quit smoking today, says FSP Health.

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‘Life's simple seven' could protect you from two of the most prevalent fatal diseases…
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