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Kidney stone sufferers: New study says you should STOP avoiding vitamin D

by , 22 October 2013

For years, doctors have told kidney stone sufferers not to take vitamin D. This because they believe high doses of vitamin D increases the concentration of calcium or oxalate in your urine and can lead to painful calcium stones. But if your fear of kidney stones is preventing you from using vitamin D supplements, a new study could ease your mind…

Great news if you suffer from kidney stones: You can start taking vitamin D supplements again.

This after a study published in the American Journal of Public Health, finally put the myth that taking vitamin D increases your risk for kidney stones to rest.

After following on more than 2,000 adults of all ages for 19 months, researchers found that only 13 people reported having a kidney stone during that time, reveals thenews.com.

Proof that vitamin D is not to blame.

So what does cause kidney stones?

According to the study, there are a variety of factors that lead to kidney stone development. These, says medicinenet.com, include:

  • Your age (the older you are, the higher your risk);
  • Gender (men have at greater risk for kidney stones than women);
  • And weight.

Of these three, weight is the most important risk factor. As a higher body-mass index (BMI) was found to be highly influential risk factor in developing kidney stones.

Luckily, vitamin D – the once-shunned vitamin for kidney sufferers – can help. This because your body needs it to substantially reduce the risk of many diseases, including breast and colorectal cancer.

So there you have it. Add vitamin D back into your supplement. And don’t forget to take magnesium oxide and vitamin B6 too. According to Nutrition & Healing’s Dr Jonathan Wright, this powerful combination can reduce your kidney stone development by as much as 92%. 

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Kidney stone sufferers: New study says you should STOP avoiding vitamin D
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