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Jonathan Trott leaves the Ashes tour due to a stress-related condition! Could it happen to you?

by , 26 November 2013

England batsman, Jonathan Trott has flown home from Australia and will play no further part in the Ashes series. This after he revealed he's been suffering from a stress-related condition for some time. Unlike Trott who has recognised his problem, many people don't even know they're suffering from chronic stress. Are you one of them? Read on to discover the four silent signals you're stressed.

According to Euro Sport, Trott released a statement explaining his decision.

“I don’t feel it is right that I’m playing knowing that I’m not 100% and I cannot currently operate at the level I have done in the past,” he said.

“My priority now is to take a break from cricket so that I can focus on my recovery. I want to wish my team-mates all the very best for the remainder of the tour.”

While some have criticised Trott for his decision to leave the tour, but stress is a real health problem that needs to be managed. And it’s a good thing that Trott asked for time off to recover.

“Chronic stress can have a serious impact on your physical as well as psychological health due to sustained high levels of the
chemicals released in the ‘fight or flight’ response,” says Psych Central.

So what are the warning signs of chronic stress?

Four signs you’re more stressed than you think

In a Prevention.com article, Dr Stevan E. Hobfoll says that the occasional manic Monday is a fact of modern life. But if you’re under chronic stress –suffering a daily assault of stress hormones from a demanding job or a personal life in turmoil, symptoms may be subtler.

Hobfoll says if you experience any of the signs below, take some time out every day, whether it’s to go for a walk or simply turn off your phone.

#1: Stress symptom: Weekend headaches

A sudden drop in stress can prompt migraines, says Dr Todd Schwedt, director of the Washington University Headache Center. Stick closely to your weekday sleeping and eating schedule to minimise other triggers.

#2: Stress symptom: Awful period cramps

According to Dr Hobfoll, a Harvard study found that the stressed-out women are more than twice as likely to experience painful menstrual cramps as those who are less tense.

Researchers blame a stress-induced imbalance of hormones. The good news is that research shows hitting the gym can soothe cramps and stress by decreasing sympathetic nervous system activity.

#3: Stress symptom: An achy mouth

A sore jaw can be a sign of teeth grinding, which usually occurs during sleep and can be worsened by stress, says Matthew Messina, a consumer advisor to the American Dental Association. Ask your dentist about a nighttime mouth guard. Up to 70% of people who use one reduce or stop grinding altogether.

#4: Stress symptom: Odd dreams

Dreams usually get progressively more positive as you sleep, so you wake up in a better mood than you were in when you went to bed, says Dr Rosalind Cartwright in the Prevention.com report.

He adds “but when you’re stressed, you wake up more often, disrupting this process and allowing unpleasant imagery to recur all night. Good sleep habits can help prevent this.”

Aim for seven to eight hours a night and avoid caffeine and alcohol close to bedtime.

If you notice any of these signs, make sure you take time out to manage your stress. Here are additional tips you can use to do so.

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Jonathan Trott leaves the Ashes tour due to a stress-related condition! Could it happen to you?
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