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Join the South African exercise trend with these three outdoor fitness activities

by , 18 April 2013

A group of researchers at the University of Stirling in the UK are planning to study whether it's better to exercise indoors or outdoors. Locally, there's been a rise in outdoor fitness activities. Don't miss out another moment - you can start by walking, cycling or swimming today.

University of Stirling researchers will release the results of a study next year into whether indoor or outdoor exercising leads to a healthier lifestyle in the UK, says TheBBC.
But with health and body conscious South Africans increasingly looking for new ways to exercise, there’s been a noticeable trend towards wanting to get fit outdoors rather than being stuck in a gym, says Jacques Fagan, fitness model and ambassador for Ultimate Sports Nutrition (USN).
Have you tried the latest outdoor fitness craze?
This is proof of an increase in the number of people moving towards activities such as bootcamps, group training and outdoor activities. 
“South African’s are certainly on a par with worldwide health and fitness trends; but there is always room for improvement and we hope that this emerging trend towards taking one’s health and fitness seriously continues to grow and becomes a part of everyone’s daily life,” adds Fagan.
But fitness bootcamp is often extreme, with ‘drill sergeants’ urging you across obstacles and through exercise challenges.
So if you’re just looking to get started with your fitness routine, try a gentler option.
The easiest outdoor activities to get started with?
Try three of the easiest exercises to get your outdoor fitness routine off with a bang!
Walking, cycling and swimming are a great way to get fit.
Because it takes just 30 minutes of exercise a day to feel better about yourself, protect your heart from heart disease and cut your risk of cancer in half, says FSP Health.
And if you stick at it for just three weeks, fitness will soon become a habit, adds FSP Health.
You won’t even notice half an hour in the pool if you challenge yourself to try a different swimming style every few laps – once you’re in the water, it’s warmer than the cool outside air, so force yourself to jump in.
And walking or cycling in winter will soon have your cheeks flushed and your heart pumping.
The best part?
You’re even more likely to stick at your fitness routine if you get your family and friends involved in your outdoor walking, cycling or swimming plans.
Get started today and you’ll soon feel healthier!

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Join the South African exercise trend with these three outdoor fitness activities
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