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Join me in honouring Dr Wright today in his fight against our common aggressor...

by , 13 May 2013

As you may already know, Dr Wright has been bringing readers of his Nutrition & Healing newsletter, breakthrough natural health treatments for almost a decade... And has practised and advanced nutritional medicine for nearly four decades now in his family medical practice in the USA.

He has been credited with introducing the nutritional remedy for benign prostate disease (BPH)… The first successful treatment to reverse macular degeneration… The safe medical use of DHEA therapy… Natural hormone replacement therapy for women… And many other revolutionary natural breakthroughs.

He's been awarded a number of accolades for his contribution to natural health, including the Linus Pauling Award.

If you haven't yet read about Dr Wright's most urgent natural remedies for cancer, diabetes, joint pain and more, you can do so here...

But you may not have heard about this yet...

Just like every other hero in history, there are always a ton of people who will tirelessly try to bring you down... Especially when you're up against the giant pharmaceutical industry!

Each time, they've thrown their sizeable budgets at sullying Dr Wright’s good name and his ability to bring his patients life-saving treatments.

And once more, Dr Wright is currently fighting for his professional life… And for his right to keep bringing you and his patients safe, natural treatments, free from Big Pharma’s deadly side-effects.

Why the harassment against Dr Wright?

They're not attacking Dr Wright because of the way he combs his hair. They're attacking him because he practices safe, natural medicine and won’t fall in line with the mainstream... Because as he said decades ago, deadly side-effects are built into the entire system of drug development.

And when they launch an attack on Dr Wright, they launch an attack on you and me... The public - who has the right to keep being told about those potentially life-threatening side effects... The man in the street who has the right to the safe, natural remedies Dr Wright awakens us to... The right to receive information from a doctor who isn’t afraid to turn away Big Pharma’s dollars and mainstream pressure and do what’s right for his subscribers and patients.

So while Dr Wright fights off his - and our - aggressors... We honour him today in Health Bytes for his superb work and courage.   

Have a health question you need answered?

You can imagine the volume of questions Dr Wright receives from the literally tens of thousands of people that read Nutrition & Healing and Health Bytes. It's impossible for him to respond to every single one of them personally. And that's why we at FSP Health launched the Natural Health Club so you can post your health questions and get the information you need fast. Take a look here...

Shattering discovery: Your body’s worst enemy…

Do you suffer from Asthma? Or are you losing your memory? Are your arteries plagued by disease? Or maybe you have macular degeneration? Osteoporosis? Chronic Hives? Gallbladder disease? Angina? Arthritis?

Today, we reveal Dr Wright’s one simple trick for taming your body's worst enemy and living healthier than ever. Find out more here...

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Join me in honouring Dr Wright today in his fight against our common aggressor...
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