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Joan Rivers is on life support after her heart stopped!

by , 01 September 2014

On Thursday last week, comedian and host of the TV Show Fashion Police, Joan Rivers (81) went into theatre in good spirits for a minor throat operation. Her doctor told her she needed some work on her vocal chords.

On Wednesday night, she made jokes about her age, health and death at a show she was attending.

Little did she know that her words would ring true less than 24 hours later!

Her heart stopped during the operation and she's now on life support at a New York hospital. In the next few days, her family will have to decide, along with doctors, whether to turn the machines off and see whether she'll pull through on her own.

While her age is a factor that could be the result of diminished heart health, there are two crucial lessons you can learn here.

Two ways to keep your heart health under control as you get older
#1. Take part in a regular exercise routine
As with any of your muscle, you need to exercise it to make them grow bigger and stronger.
Your heart is no different.
Getting it to pump a little harder every now and then is great for it and it becomes stronger.
Just taking part in a 30 minutes exercise routine every day that increases your heart rate is enough to strengthen the muscle and improve your heart health.
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#2. Eat foods that are good for your heart
There are foods you need to eat that keep your heart health. Things like avos, nuts seeds and fish contain healthy fats that keep your cholesterol levels at bay. So include these into your diet as much as possible.
It’s essential to your overall health to keep your heart health in check. So change these two aspects of your lifestyle to ensure your heart stays strong. 

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Joan Rivers is on life support after her heart stopped!
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