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Jenna Lowe, the 20-year-old girl behind the “Get me to 21” campaign, passed away yesterday

by , 09 June 2015

Jenna Lowe was a 20-year-old Cape Townian girl with a rare lung disease called pulmonary arterial hypertension. Doctors diagnosed her with the disease three years again.

Through her search for new, matching lungs, Lowe had South Africans and the international community rallying behind her in what she called the “Get me to 21” campaign.

What was the purpose of Get me to 21?

Through Get me to 21, Lowe encouraged South Africans to sign up as organ donors to increase search base for herself and other patients waiting in line for organs. 
Her and her family’s work on the campaign received much attention on many media platforms across the country.
Through her campaign, Lowe also ended up being awarded the active citizenry accolade of a Lead SA Youth Hero award in September 2014 by Primedia Broadcasting and Independent Newspapers.
The premier of the Western Cape, Helen Zille, also visited Lowe to wish her well and congratulate her on her awareness work around organ donations.
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Lowe received two new lungs last year, but yesterday her body gave in 

Late last year, Lowe finally found a match for her double lung transplant.
Following months of recovery time in ICU as well as a number of follow-up surgeries, Lowe passed away yesterday.
An outpouring of well wishes could be found on her mother Gabi Lowe’s Facebook page as well as the Get me to 21 group.
“My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. So very sorry,” wrote Joanne Visser.
Another user Liesl Pauw Van Niekerk wrote, “Dearest Gabi, Stuart, and Kristi thinking of you so much, you are in our prayers. Jenna will live in our hearts forever.”
May her inspiring story and her remarkable strength never be forgotten.

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Jenna Lowe, the 20-year-old girl behind the “Get me to 21” campaign, passed away yesterday
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