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IV light therapy proving effective in the fight against cancer...

by , 09 January 2018
IV light therapy proving effective in the fight against cancer...
Intravenous (IV) light therapy or photobiomodulation was first performed about 25 years ago in the former Soviet Union, the treatment involves the soft laser irradiation of white blood cells to trigger a variety of positive effects, such as boosted energy levels and improved overall health.

But that's not all - recent studies have found that IV light therapy also offers remarkable benefits against cancer, from tumour progression control to photodynamic cancer support.

“How does IV light therapy work?”

Inside each and every cell in your body are lots of microscopic organelles called mitochondria. When they’re running at full speed, you feel energised, capable and in control. But when they start to run down, you feel like you’ve hit a dead end. (Hello, regular naptimes!)
One way of energising your mitochondria is by going for IV light therapy. The innovative treatment accelerates the replenishment of your blood cells using visible wavelengths of red, greens and UV light. The treatment exposes your blood cells to the light using a cannula that’s attached to a specially designed machine that triggers the production of light.
The doctor inserts the cannula into your vein, which eliminates the need for any blood to be extracted, and introduces the super-stimulating light energy directly into your circulatory system. This allows the IV light therapy treatment to take effect through your whole body.

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“What else should I know about IV light therapy?”

  • The procedure usually takes about 75 minutes;
  • The treatment doesn’t require you to undergo anaesthetic;
  • You won’t need any downtime to recover – you can go back to work immediately; and
  • For best results, a course of six to eight treatments is recommended.
Dr Craige Golding’s medical practice located in Houghton Estate, Johannesburg, is now offering IV light therapy. He offers the treatment for regenerative purposes as well as photodynamic cancer therapies. To book an appointment, go here.

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IV light therapy proving effective in the fight against cancer...
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