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Itchy mouth after eating fruit? You could have the surprising allergy linked to hay fever!

by , 30 April 2013

Allergies and hay fever are often linked. Now research shows that if you suffer from one, there's a chance you'll suffer from the other. But did you know you're likely to have a mild oral allergy linked to fruit if you also suffer from hay fever? Read on to find out more…

If you have constant dark circles or bags under your eyes, you probably suffer from hay fever, says FSP Health.
But that’s not the worst of the symptoms.
Because while it’s seen as a mild ailment, hay fever often leaves its sufferers feeling awful as they reel from another bout of sneezing, itchy throat and eyes, runny nose, says TheNewAge
Unfortunately, these are also the top symptoms of the common cold, which makes hay fever harder to detect.
So how do you know if it’s a cold or an allergy like hay fever?
The give-away is an itching nose, because very little causes the nose to itch apart from allergy, says TheDailyMail.
But there’s also a common adult allergy called oral allergy syndrome many don’t know about.
Here’s why you get an itchy mouth after eating healthy fruit…
It’s triggered by healthy, fresh fruit and vegetables, like apples, peaches, plums, peppers and celery.
The reason?
These all contain a protein called PR10 – this is the protein found in birch pollen responsible for hay fever symptoms. 
That’s why the body mistakes this protein in the fruit for the pollen, triggering a small allergic reaction like itching and tingling in the mouth, explains TheDailyMail.
And organic fruits and vegetables aren’t immune to this, as allergies don’t come from the chemicals used on the food, but the proteins in the food. 
If you think you may suffer from oral allergy syndrome, keep a food diary so you can track exactly what foods are causing your allergic reaction.
It’s the best way to control your food allergies.

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Itchy mouth after eating fruit? You could have the surprising allergy linked to hay fever!
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