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It's not just your health that'll benefit for decades to come if you quit smoking today…

by , 27 March 2013

You've heard it before - smoking's the easiest way to shorten your lifespan. It opens you up to a host of health problems that ultimately lead to an earlier death. But still, people continue to smoke. That's why researchers are looking into the reasons why we smoke, in an attempt to find a more convincing reason to stop. The findings show that it's not the health risks that finally convince people to stop smoking…

You can probably list a handful of the detrimental effects of smoking on your health without even thinking about it. 
Greater chance of lung cancer, heart attack and a persistent cough are just a few of them.
Yet chances are you still sneak in a puff when you can.
That’s because men smoke for fun, while women smoke to calm their nerves, says IOL Lifestyle.
St Joseph’s General Hospital in Elliot Lake has also found that preaching about the health effects of smoking doesn’t help people stop smoking –it actually makes them feel more anxious, which in some cases leads to MORE smoking!
Here’s how to convince someone to quit smoking…
But reasons that appeal to your sense of vanity have been found to actually make an impact in convincing smokers to quit the habit.
So instead of the lung cancer risk, think of the effects of smoking on your appearance.
You’ll have yellow eyes, teeth and finger tips.
You’ll look older than your years, thanks to wrinkles and skin damage.
Add these up and chances are members of the opposite sex will find you less attractive.
Shocked? It’s true!
You’ll also have a poorer sex life and less chance of conceiving, as changes take place in both the womb and the sperm, says IOL Lifestyle.
Tried to quit smoking before? Try again, with this mindset…
If you’d like to quit smoking, think of the overall effects of smoking – it doesn’t affect your health alone.
In fact, a recent study has found that grandmothers who smoke cigarettes could be the reason why their grandchildren have asthma – even if the children's mothers never smoked. But don’t lose hope if you’ve already tried to quit smoking and failed, says FSP Health.
Because it usually takes up to seven attempts to for a smoker to become a non-smoker.
So hang in there and keep picturing the overall effects of smoking on all aspects of your life – you’ll be more likely to quit smoking!

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It's not just your health that'll benefit for decades to come if you quit smoking today…
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