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It's not just smoking that you should quit this World No Tobacco Day…

by , 31 May 2013

Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol are two of the biggest vices or bad health habits. Now, a new trend is growing, where people ‘smoke alcohol'. Due to the popularity of YouTube videos, alcohol is vapourised, then ‘inhaled'. Here's why you shouldn't even THINK of trying it, as the world focuses on the need to cut down on all forms of smoking this World No Tobacco Day.

There’s a new trend to be aware of that’s becoming increasingly popular.
Called ‘smoking alcohol’, people find ways to vapourise the alcohol – such as by pouring it over dry ice or using a bike pump to create a mist through air pressure, and then inhaling it, says CBC.
But just because it doesn’t involve tobacco doesn’t make it any safer than traditional cigarette smoking.
Smoking alcohol is actually worse for you than binge drinking!
In fact, paramedics are now warning about the dangers of smoking alcohol as the vapours bypass the liver and go straight to the lungs and brain.
Because it enters the blood system immediately, those who smoke alcohol have a much greater risk of alcohol poisoning than people who drink excessive amounts of alcohol through binge drinking.
 Unfortunately, there's no easy way to give up smoking and other bad habits, says FSPHealth.
Added to this, some people take several attempts before they get it right, adds NineMSN.
That’s because quitting is a very personal challenge so different methods work for different people.
Three ways to break your bad health habits
You can try making the change to a healthier lifestyle by going cold turkey.
If this is too difficult, you can try gradually reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke each day.
Whatever works for you, do it.
Because new research has found that people who not only drink heavily but are also chronic smokers face early brain ageing.
So if you’re struggling to cut down on your alcohol intake, it’s a good idea to switch to a non-alcoholic beer.
The reason?
Non-alcoholic beer obviously contains zero alcohol, but it also increases antioxidant levels in your bloodstream, which is beneficial to the heart, says TreatmentSolutions.
Added to this, you‘ll be less likely to crave a cigarette if you’re not drinking alcohol, explains FSPHealth.
There’s no better time to try break your bad health habits than today, World No Tobacco Day.

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It's not just smoking that you should quit this World No Tobacco Day…
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