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Is your hair falling out? Include these seven foods in your diet to prevent hair fall.

by , 02 January 2014

Not only stress and old age cause your hair to fall out. You could be avoiding food that is great for hair health. Make sure to include these seven items in your food basket to keep that hair in its place.

Make sure that your hair is staying in its place. On your head and not left in chunks on your brush. Add these seven items to your daily meals. 
These everyday items are simple to incorporate into your meals or eat at snack time. 
The power of seven to prevent hair fall
Eat a handful of walnuts. The oils in these particular nuts help keep your hair elastic and prevent breakage.
Treat your hair follicles to some spinach. Spinach is rich in iron and many other vitamins. Eating spinach helps to keep your hair follicles healthy and prevents your hair from falling out.
Magnesium is essential for your hair to grow. Get this mineral in fish such as Halibut. 
Keep your scalp healthy with Vitamin A. Where better to find Vitamin A than in a delicious dose of carrots. Scalp oils need Vitamin A to keep your scalp healthy.
Bok Choy, like spinach, is also rich in iron. Mix up your spinach meal by adding Bok Choy as a green. 
Use Greek yoghurt to keep both your hair and their follicles healthy. Using Greek yoghurt in a variety of ways can make anything from breakfast to a sauce in your dinner delicious. 
Egg shampoo has been on the market for years. Eat eggs to get the Vitamin D that is great for your hair. 
Along with your diet, keep stress to a minimum if you’re experiencing premature hair loss. Bust that stress with exercise and keep adding the above to your meals to keep your hair on your head.

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Is your hair falling out? Include these seven foods in your diet to prevent hair fall.
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