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Is your blood healthy enough to donate during tomorrow's Blood Donour Day?

by , 13 June 2013

Not just anyone can donate blood on Blood Donor Day this Friday (the 14 June)! Recently, nine people who went to donate blood in Hong Kong were told they have a rare bacteria closely linked with polyps that can turn cancerous! Do you know if your blood's healthy enough to donate? Here's the best way to find out...

Blood donors at the Red Cross in Hong Kong were shocked to hear their blood’s been rejected.

The reason? 

On screening their blood, the Red Cross found that they’re at risk of colorectal cancer, says SCMP.

Even worse?

Two of the nine have already developed the disease, with five of the others having benign polyps that can turn cancerous over time.

Here’s one reason it’s a good idea to donate blood

They wouldn’t have known this had they not donated their blood in the first place.

That’s why you don’t just go and donate your blood – a blood donor must also answer questions about his medical history and take a short physical examination to make sure the donation isn’t hazardous to his health, says Wikipedia.

Obviously, the donated blood was disposed of immediately as using it in transfusions could have been disastrous, says SCMP.

But blood donation can actually bring health benefits – other than the obvious one of helping to save someone else’s life.

Looking to improve your heart health? Become a blood donor

Some studies show that regularly donating blood can reduce your risk of heart disease in men.

The reason?

Research from 2012 has shown that repeated blood donation is effective in reducing blood pressure, blood glucose, and your overall heart rate.

So what are you waiting for?

If you’re relatively healthy, donate blood this Friday in support of Blood Donour Day. It’ll improve your health in the long-term and help someone else on the brink of death.

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Is your blood healthy enough to donate during tomorrow's Blood Donour Day?
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