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Is this drink really “the next kombucha”?

by , 25 September 2015

I take kombucha pretty seriously, to put it lightly (you should see my fridge at home). So, when the word got out that another drink was dubbed “the next kombucha”, I just had to investigate! Here's what I found out.

Some facts about Up Mountain Switchel’s new “kombucha” drink

The drink is a refreshing combination of water, apple cider vinegar, ginger and sweetener. An American beverage company by the name of Up Mountain Switchel is the creator behind this new drink.
Switchel claims that the brew is actually a few centuries old, with humble beginnings as a popular summer drink among colonial farmers. Nowadays, it’s marketed as a functional beverage with plenty of antioxidants to balance your pH levels, help with digestion and boost immunity.

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My thoughts on “the next kombucha” drink

I got my hands on some to sample. As soon as I unscrewed the lid (it’s packaged in jars – pretty cute!), a heavy ginger scent filled the room. I took a sip and concluded it contains a lot of ginger. But, in my books, there’s no such things as too much ginger!
All in all, I loved the drink. Not too sure it’ll replace my all-time favourite, Theonista Simply Green Kombucha. It has a thick, syrupy quality, which I’m not a fan of at all. The only thing I really enjoyed was its strong ginger root flavour.

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