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Is sitting down ruining your health? Here's how a standing desk can change your life

by , 22 July 2013

If you have a desk job, you probably sit for hours and hours every single day. Have you ever wondered how much it impacts your health? Studies show that sitting down is really bad for you. It can even shorten your life. Here's how you can get on your feet and stamp out the negative effects of sitting all day long…

Standing desks are relatively new to South Africa.  But in America, they’re taking off at huge speed. You can find standing desks everywhere from experimental start-up companies to the White House, reports LifeHacker

Fight the risks of sitting down all day…

ScienceDaily reports that sitting six or more hours a day will shorten your lifespan. Even exercising doesn’t make up for all those hours spent sitting down. Research shows those who sit more have shorter life spans and a higher risk of diabetes than those who stand.

Research has also linked sitting with health risks like kidney disease, poor mental wellbeing, obesity and colorectal cancer, reports PopSci.
A standing desk could add two years to your life

Switching to a standing desk will improve your circulation, fitness and concentration levels. And it doesn’t mean you can never sit down!

Many models have adjustable heights so you can switch between sitting and standing.

All you have to do to add two or more years to your life: Limit your sitting to three hours a day.

Many people who use standing desks report that their productivity increases. Standing also improves digestion by activating fat-burning enzymes.

So if you’re not afraid to be a trendsetter and raise the bar at your workplace, get a standing desk and start reaping the health benefits!

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Is sitting down ruining your health? Here's how a standing desk can change your life
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