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Improve your heart health by eating a high fibre diet!

by , 04 March 2013

Want to improve your digestion? Reduce your risk for colon cancer? Lower your cholesterol? Control your weight? The answer to all of these is a high-fibre diet. Now, research has found another reason to add more fibre to your diet - it improves your heart health! Here's how to add more fibre to your diet.

Most nutrition experts say that a person needs at least 25 grams of fibre a day as part of a balanced diet, says MedicalXpress.
This goes a long way to boosting your overall health – and it’s the easiest way to improve your heart health by lowering your cholesterol and your risk of heart disease.
But how can you tell if your diet is low in fibre?
Constipation is a clear sign that your diet is lacking in fibre!
“One of the most widespread causes of constipation is insufficient fibre in the diet,” explains natural healer Dr Jonathan Wright on FSP Health
So if you constantly suffer from constipation, chances are you need to add more fibre to your diet.
It’s easy to add more fibre to your diet!
DoorCountryNews says you can increase your fibre intake by making sure all your grains are whole grains. 
In fact, you’ll need to consume at least three servings of whole grain products daily. 
But no single standard exists for defining any product as ‘whole grain.’
That’s why the carb to fibre ratio is the best indicator of overall healthfulness.
Products that meet this ratio are higher in fibre and lower in trans fats, sugar and sodium which aren’t good for you, without any higher calories than products that don’t meet the ratio.
And you’re not limited to wholegrain foods if you want to add more fibre to your diet.
You can also ensure you have a high fibre diet by increasing the amount of carrots, beans, oat meal and apple pulp you eat.
It’s that easy. Add more fibre to your diet today and you’ll be sure of better heart health

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Improve your heart health by eating a high fibre diet!
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