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If you're a first-born child, you're likely to have these personality traits, studies say

by , 03 September 2015

Are you a first-born? Well, then, you'd be interested to know about the number of personality traits you're likely to have. It's super interesting! And I can relate - fully…

Small studies suggest that these are the common personality traits among first-borns

This is all scientifically-proven, it’s not some nonsense that someone just made up. For starters, small studies say that the oldest child is likely to be smarter, have better language skills, and have more sexual partners. 
All of the studies that indicate this are published in the Journal of Research in Personality.

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How these studies reached their findings on first-born personality traits

To reach these findings, researchers look at the connection between birth order and 19 different personality traits and intelligence attributes (like math or verbal ability) in 377,000 US high school students.
While this is sort of a bummer, next time your sibling spouts on about the oldest being the smartest of the youngest being more rebellious, here’s your ammunition!

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If you're a first-born child, you're likely to have these personality traits, studies say
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