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If the ‘Rooibos war' is upsetting you, have a soothing cup of green tea!

by , 22 February 2013

South Africa's gone to war with France. This time, it's over use of the terms ‘Rooibos' as a trade mark for red tea. But Rooibos isn't really even a tea, and some of its reported health benefits are half that of true teas. Here's why you should turn to green tea instead!

“The term Rooibos is as typically South African as braaivleis and biltong,” says Bizcommunity. 
That’s why it’s concerning that a French company has applied to register Rooibos as a trademark, securing a monopoly for its use, says LegalbriefToday.
But Dr Wright explains in Health Bytes that ‘red tea’ or Rooibos, isn't actually tea at all.
True tea (black, green and white) comes from the Camellia sinensis plant.
Rooibos, on the other hand, comes from the South African Aspalanthus linearis plant.
And it’s not the health wonder it’s reported to be!
While Rooibos does contain some polyphenols, which ward off some forms of cancer, it only contains about half as many polyphenols as green tea.
Disappointingly, Rooibos also has only minimal amounts of calcium, potassium, zinc and magnesium than is found in true teas.
Rooibos is good for your health, but green tea is better
This isn't to say that rooibos isn't good for you.
It’s been proven as a great way to soothe upset stomachs, colic, and stomach cramps, reports NaturalHealthRemedies.
You can even apply it directly to the skin to help with acne, eczema and sunburn.
But green tea is the true tea of good health.
A study in Japan shows that drinking seven cups of green tea a day could cut heart disease risk death by 75%, says Health Bytes.
It also helps with weight loss, protection against Alzheimer's disease and a lower risk of prostate cancer.
And have you ever wondered why a cup of tea – especially green tea – is so soothing?
Theanine’s what makes green tea so soothing
Most green tea has high theanine content. 
Theanine reduces the negative side effects of caffeine, and helps promote alpha brain waves, “which increase your brain’s production of dopamine to give you an alert, yet relaxed, awareness”, says the AmazingGreenTea website.
So brew a quick cup of green tea and you’ll soon feel your health worries wash away!

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If the ‘Rooibos war' is upsetting you, have a soothing cup of green tea!
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