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I tried the multi-masking - the latest trend in skincare

by , 06 August 2015

Over the past few weeks, the Internet has been a-flutter about a new technique of mask treatments: Multi-masking.

As you might guess, it involves using multiple masks, at the same time. And by that I mean one mask in a concentrated area of your face, and another in a different region, depending on the condition of the skin you want to treat.

Obviously, when I first heard about this I was intrigued. Don't get me wrong, I love my beauty routine, but anything that can make it more efficient is always good in my book! Plus, I've noticed that certain parts of my face need different kinds of TLC on any given day.

So I decided to give multi-masking a whirl! Here's what I thought of it…

The masks I used for my multi-mask

To try out multi-masking, I chose to apply a coconut and honey mask on my jawline and a small patch of it on my forehead where I’m, ahem, prone to breakouts. 
Then, I put my moisturising mask of choice, a dark chocolate mask, on my cheeks and temples, which are areas of my face that tend to get a little dry (and uncomfortably tight if I were to use a clay mask on them!).
Lastly, since my eyes had been puffy and I was pretty tired, I used a brightening avocado mask to top my pamper session off.
You might be wondering why I chose to use all-natural, homemade face masks for my multi-mask. And, well, the answer to that is simple: I prefer using natural ingredients on my skin because I believe they work brilliantly, if not better, than most face mask products on the market.

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My thoughts on multi-masking concluded

After applying all the masks, I sat down to watch an episode of Revenge, which is a series that pretty much mandates your full attention or you won’t understand. I like to do masks while I unwind, and normally that involves a TV show as well, but, having three masks on at the same time was a game changer!
I didn’t have to get up to wash my face and swap out my mask for another one during my show, and I didn’t experience any tightening or discomfort which might set in when you use a clay mask (my face’s special way of telling me, I’m done!).
So what did I think of multi-masking overall? I liked it! I’ll do it again. It targeted the necessary areas, I pampered myself, and my skin looked and felt fresh the next day. Call me a convert!

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I tried the multi-masking - the latest trend in skincare
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