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How toxic is your home? (Not knowing puts you at risk of cancer, heart disease and more)

by , 27 March 2015

The World Health Organisation estimates that over 4 million people die every year due to household air pollution.

It's a situation so severe, it's even given it a name: Toxic Home Syndrome.

Read on to discover why you're at risk.


Toxic Home Syndrome and why it’s so deadly

Put simply, Toxic Home Syndrome refers to the air pollution in your home. And basic tasks like doing the laundry or cooking dinner put you at risk of it. 
Even worse, unless you get rid of the toxins, they continue to circulate. This means you’re exposed to harmful toxins on an on-going basis. It’s no wonder then that this type of poisoning is more prevalent among housewives and children who spend more time in domestic settings than most men. 
But where exactly are these harmful toxins coming from?
It appears, everything.
“From perfumed air fresheners to household detergents, rugs and even your favourite armchair, our homes are full of seemingly harmless everyday items which release allergens into the atmosphere creating a potent "pollutant soup" that could damage our health,” say experts at Waverton Analytics.
And our homes are so full of this air pollution, 91% of the homes the group tested contain “above recommended levels of indoor pollutants”.
And that’s scary when you consider that the effects of environmental hazards like air pollution aren’t immediately apparent. It can take years before it develops into cancer and heart disease
But is this something you can do anything about?
******** Urgent health warning *******
Are you feeding your family cancer?
I’m writing you today about a problem so invasive... So dangerous... And so hidden it’s put every South African who shops in a supermarket at risk.
It’s the pesticides in our food, the preservatives and additives in our skin care products, even the synthetic materials in our clothes.

Can you protect your family from effect of air pollution in the home?

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission gives the following suggestions to prevent the accumulation of toxins in your home, or to lessen their severity:
  • Use humidifiers and keep them clean, 
  • Engage in routine inspections of dryers, extractors and furnaces, 
  • Fix visible cracks in the structure,
  • And always making sure that there’s sufficient ventilation.
Simple things yes. But crucial to ensure toxic home syndrome doesn’t up your risk of cancer and heart disease.

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How toxic is your home? (Not knowing puts you at risk of cancer, heart disease and more)
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