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How to reduce your hospital stay by almost a quarter…

by , 18 September 2013

Now here's a forward-thinking pharmaceutical company. It broke itself away from the mainstream medical focus on drugs and conducted a study that supports the use of supplements. It even markets its own line of nutritional supplements.

Abbott Labs recently completed a massive study that found that nutritional supplements can reduce hospital stays by 21%... Saving you a ton of cash – and a lot of frustration!

Supplements help keep you in hospital for less time – and out of hospital!

The pharmaceutical company recently presented the results of this massive study to the European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism. In the study, researchers analysed data for over a million hospital patients. They wanted to see how the use of nutritional supplements influences the duration of hospital stays.

The results were clear. Taking the supplements shortened the patients’ average hospital stay by more than two full days. The amount of money they saved? Nearly $5,000 (about R10,000).

And even better, these nutritional supplements also helped patients stay out of hospital after their initial stay. They were 7% less likely to check back into hospital! And, every day you don’t spend in hospital is a good day right?

Where do you get these amazing supplements from?

So you’re wondering what kind of supercharged supplements these are, right? It turns out; they’re nothing more than the kind found in a good quality multivitamin. No special or expensive concoctions!

And, if you know anything about multivitamins, you’ll know there are cheap useless chipboard supplements on the market… And super-expensive multivitamins that throw everything but the kitchen sink at you…

If you’re looking for an honest multivitamin that does what it’s supposed to do… And doesn’t have any of those useless frills and gimmicks – look no further than Nutri-Daily Support.

Finally, a multivitamin with results you can FEEL…

What's missing in today's glutted multivitamin market is a good, honest, easily absorbable daily formula with all the basic vitamins, minerals and nutrients you need for day-to-day health - with a price tag that won't induce a coronary. And we found it:
  • 31 Vitamins, minerals, lipids, bioflavonoids and amino acids in one formulation
  • Quality ingredients – with decent dosages – at an affordable price
  • See AND feel the difference this revolutionary formula can make for you, or 100% of your money back, guaranteed
Real value, real quality and safe. I'm so sure of the effectiveness of Nutri-Daily Support that I invite you to consult your personal physician about it.  Find out more here…

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How to reduce your hospital stay by almost a quarter…
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