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How to keep your feet healthy as the cold weather sets in

by , 22 April 2013

Depending on how cold you get in winter, the latest cold spells means it may be months before your feet see the light of day again. After all, between wearing boots, takkies and slippers to keep your feet warm against the winter chill, your feet won't do so well when neglected during this long, harsh season. Here's what you can do to change that…

“One of the main problems facing feet in winter is fungus,” warns Nutrition & Healing’s Dr Jonathan Wright.

“The longer time spent sweating in socks and boots creates the perfect breeding ground for fungus. And once fungus takes hold, it can be months, even years, before you’ll be rid of it for good.”

That’s why it pays to pay attention to your foot health this winter.

Common sense tips to help you keep winter foot fungus at bay

The first thing you need to remember is to only wear cotton socks. This will help to “absorb the additional sweat your feet produce when confined for longer periods of time,” explains Dr Wright.

Next, ensure that you soak your feet, pumice gently and moisturise your feet at least once a week. “This will remove dead skin cells, keep calluses down, revive circulation, and allow them to be cleaned more deeply,” says the doctor.

If you do develop a fungal infection on your feet or nails, don’t despair.

Thanks to its natural antiseptic properties, tea tree oil is an effective remedy that can help keep foot fungus at bay before it takes hold.

Just remember, for tea tree oil treatment to be successful, “you must remain consistent with your applications. Applications should occur two times a day at a minimum,” advises shoedoctor.com.

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How to keep your feet healthy as the cold weather sets in
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