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How saltwater inhalation can treat anxiety and cystic fibrosis

by , 07 October 2016
How saltwater inhalation can treat anxiety and cystic fibrosis
You'd never guess it, but salt is a highly effective treatment for conditions like respiratory ailments, anxiety and even cystic fibrosis. It's no wonder that Hippocrates, the father of medicine, prescribed saltwater inhalation therapy for lung disorders!

In fact, he found that saltwater is a potent treatment for respiratory health, which along with unobstructed breathing is arguably the foundation for overall health.

Salt therapy advocates also say that this powerful treatment relieves stress and anxiety symptoms; two of the most pressing issues in today's modern world. So it makes perfect sense why salt therapy - which can be administered at home or in facilities - have been quietly rising in the wellness world!

How does salt therapy work?

Most modern salt therapy facilities are rooms that are pumped full of air laden with medicinal sodium chloride and coated with salt crystals. Most facilities use pharmaceutical-grade sodium chloride for inhalation and Himalayan salt crystals to cover the floor and walls.
While science hasn’t yet pinpointed the effected of ionised energy, a large number of people who’ve visited salt facilities have reported that Himalayan salt has an incredibly strong energy.

Is their research to back up the benefits of salt therapy?

There are multiple studies that have proved that salt therapy has remarkable benefits. A specific 2006 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that inhaling hypertonic saline can improve lung function in people with cystic fibrosis. 

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Another study, this one published in the European Respiratory Journal, found that aerosolised salt can effectively alleviate smoking-related symptoms like mucus production and coughing in smokers.
Then there’s also been a Hungarian study conducted over a 10-year period that involved over 4,000 patients. All of the subjects received salt therapy to improve symptoms of anxiety and cystic fibrosis. Majority of the patients reported drastic improvement and long-last benefits.

How can I start living better with salt therapy?

A quick Google search will help you find out if there are any salt facilities near you. If there isn’t one, never fear – you have at-home options such as salt pipes and salt lamps.
You can use  salt pipe to inhale saline-infused air, or a salt lamp to create a micro-version of the ionised atmosphere discussed above. For the full range of effects produced by natural salt caves, use both the pipe and lamp in tandem.

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How saltwater inhalation can treat anxiety and cystic fibrosis
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