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Here's why honey is a proven natural cough remedy

by , 12 April 2013

As the cold weather approaches, flu, colds and niggling coughs become the order of the day. When this happens, you want a remedy that works. Luckily, there's a sweet effective natural cough remedy you should consider: Honey. Here's why…

“It’s not often the medical mainstream admits a natural remedy works better than one of its patented cash cows. But recent research done at Penn State College of Medicine found that honey actually did a better job at alleviating coughs in children than dextromethorphan (MD) ,” writes Christine O'Brien in Nutrition & Healing.

That’s right.

One of the most effective natural cough remedies is also one of the simplest - honey.

Honey is your sweet natural cough remedy

“The study involved 105 children between the ages of 2 and 18 who were suffering from coughs that were especially bad during the night. The children were divided into three groups: One that received honey, one that received honey-flavoured DM, and one that received no treatment. Parents of the children were instructed to rate both frequency and severity of the children’s coughs as well as the children’s and their own quality of sleep both one day before and the day of treatment,” O’Brien explains.

Based on the parents’ ratings, the children who were given honey had two points more improvement than the children taking DM. That’s 10.71 points compared to 8.39 points.

Caution: “Even though this study was conducted on children, there’s no reason to believe honey wouldn’t offer similar results for adults,” says O’Brien.

What’s the dosage?

The study didn’t list a particular dosage, but it did point out that it only took a ‘small amount’ of honey to offer significant relief.

It’s advisable that you check with your doctor to determine the best dose for you, your children or grandchildren.

There you have it! A small amount of honey may be just what the doctor ordered for those niggling coughs.

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Here's why honey is a proven natural cough remedy
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