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Here's why going to the beach is good for you!

by , 19 December 2013

Many of you will be heading to the sandy shores of our lovely country over this holiday period. We know you don't need any more convincing as to why going away is good for you. But here are three great reasons to spend your day at the beach.

Just getting out of the hustle and bustle of your normal life could have positive effects on your health. Even better, is the calming effect the sea has on you!
Three reasons the beach is good for you:
1. Your feet are in the sand
You can literally feel the grains of sand beneath your feet and in between your toes with each step you take. 
It’s because you have over 200 000 nerve endings in each foot!
By walking on the sand, you’re actually providing a resistance type exercise in the muscles of your feet; muscles that you would never use walking around in shoes. 
The sand is a great exfoliator; it removes the dead skin cells from your feet and leaves you feeling like you’ve just had an amazing foot scrub. 
2. You have access to the healing properties of the ocean
Besides the exercise you get when you swim, the water in the sea is full of minerals. 
Iodine in the water helps with the function of our thyroids while the magnesium has a calming effect. 
The skin condition psoriasis, joint pain in arthritis and even depression sees positive changes after a long swim in the sea. 
3. Good old vitamin D dose
It’s never wise to be out in the full sun between 10am and 3pm. But if you’re wise and you sit in a shady spot, covered in sun cream, wearing a hat and sunglasses, you’re still getting the positive effects of the sun.
Only 20 minutes of sun a day gives you the full benefits of vitamin D on your system. 
If you’re off to the beach, enjoy it, and don’t forget to lavish the sand, sea and sun to get all of your health benefits in one. 

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Here's why going to the beach is good for you!
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