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Here's what your doctor's NOT telling you about measles this World Vaccination Week…

by , 25 April 2013

Feeling a bit run down? You're not alone. As winter settles in, weak immune systems leave many open to infection like colds and flu. That's why so many of us go for our annual flu shot now. But what about measles? There've been outbreaks across the globe recently - but simply taking your child for a measles vaccine isn't enough to ward them off. Here's how to prevent any infection like measles by boosting your immune system instead.

The World Vaccination Week initiative was launched to protect mothers and children from preventable diseases, says TheFrontierPost.
Key among these is measles.
That’s why one million schoolchildren in England are being targeted by a measles vaccination plan, says TheBBC
Because a recent outbreak of measles in Nigeria has been deadly, says News24 Nigeria.
But just taking your child for a vaccination against measles often isn’t enough to prevent the measles.
Weak immune system? That measles vaccine may not do the trick…
A measles vaccination isn’t always effective if you have a weak immune system or if you skip the booster shot, says About.Pediatrics
That’s why your best bet to prevent the measles is by making sure you’ve had your booster shot against them. 
It’s also a good idea to strengthen your immune system to ward off any attack – including the measles.
The answer to keeping your immune system strong – vitamin C-rich foods
Vitamin C’s the best way to boost your immune system as it’s a powerful antioxidant that protects cells from being damaged when disease attacks, says FSP Health.
All you need to do is increase the amount of vitamin C in your system – this means drinking more natural orange juice, as well as eating lots of papaya, pineapple, strawberries and broccoli, as these are also rich in vitamin C, says the World’s Healthiest Foods website.
You can also use zinc lozenges to boost your immune system against any infection like the measles.
With winter already knocking on the door, it’s a great time to do all you can to strengthen your immune system!

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Here's what your doctor's NOT telling you about measles this World Vaccination Week…
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