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Here's how being in love is important for your physical health

by , 17 June 2015

There's no getting around it - you need love. We all need love.

Love for your family, your partner, your body, your home, the earth that we dance around in on a daily basis. It's all equally important.

But the best part is that sometimes you also get to feel loved by others. Fully wrapped in their warmth, comfort and protection. This feeling is essential to your health. Want to know why? Then keep reading.

Expressing love is as important as feeling love

As you begin to dip your toe into this pool, it’s essential you realise any doubt as to whether or not love it there.
Stop questioning it – it can cause anxiety. Stop looking for it – it can cause disappointment. 
When you make room for it, acknowledge it, express it naturally and attract more love into your life.
Being in love feels amazing – I’m sure you know that. But did you know that expressing love actually plays a superior role in your health?

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Love promotes a healthy mind and body

Everything from better sleep to lower blood pressure – love does it all!
When you express love in this authentic manner, your brain releases oxytocin (the “love hormone”). Oxytocin relieves feelings of stress and anxiety in both your body and mind.
In doing so, it promotes better sleep by cultivating a sense of calm and acceptance, reduces fears, encourages generous behaviours, and promotes feelings of satisfaction.
Some studies have also found that oxytocin also reduces cortisol (the stress hormone) and can lower blood pressure.
This improves your ability to restore optimal digestion and even burn fats and calories at an increased rate.
Research has also found that both oxytocin and the oxytocin receptors can improve guy mortality and decrease intestinal inflammation.
If that’s not enough reason to love, I don’t know what is!

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Here's how being in love is important for your physical health
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